Another First for the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix: Introducing the YasHub App

Abu Dhabi Grand PrixThe Abu Dhabi Grand Prix represents a whole world of “firsts” for the Grand Prix franchise: The first race that lasts from daytime into night, the first race featuring a hotel over the circuit itself, the first race with a unique “blind zone” in the form of a blind tunnel between the pitlane and the track, and the first race to be situated within its own massive theme-park (Yas Island). This year, the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix will see some additional firsts as it dramatically closes the Formula One season, giving double race points to the winning driver.

Naturally, this means the upcoming race (which will run from the 21st to the 23 of November this year) will be absolutely packed as audiences pile in to witness the breathtaking conclusion of the 2014 F1 season, and competition for seating and the various Formula One Grand Prix VIP and Paddock Club packages will be more intense than ever. With that in mind and very much in keeping with the ultra-modern theme of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, a brand new app has been developed specifically to help people get the tickets, seats, and other options that they’re looking for.

The app, called YasHub (an “official” app which was developed and introduced by the Grand Prix team), will give racing enthusiasts the ability to design their own packages for this year’s Formula 1 Etihad Airways Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, and is available both through iTunes and the Google Play app store (and should work on tablets as well as smartphones). With the aid of a mobile-friendly ticket selector, those planning to attend the race can select their own bespoke packages from a variety of available options.

The list of what can be customised includes seating type, food choices, beverage choices, and preferred entertainment, along with a range of Paddock and VIP access options.

The free app is more than just a streamlined system through which to make purchases, however; it will go above and beyond, bringing users frequent updates and news coverage so that they can easily keep up with all the latest developments affecting their favourite drives, teams, and the circuit itself. In addition to this, the app will also provide access to full event schedules, competitions, autograph sessions, entertainment events and a general overview of “what’s on” throughout the whole of the Grand Prix weekend.

According to Nick McElwee, director of sales and marketing at the circuit: “Being one of the most technologically advanced circuits in the world, it’s important that we are leading in customer engagement and digital publishing.

“Constant improvement of racegoers’ experiences is at the heart of what we do and YasHub takes this to the next level.

“Everything needed to maximise their enjoyment of the sport and the Grand Prix weekend is available at the touch of a button.”